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Do You Want To Have Customized Applications?

You are at the right place to do all of your application needs. We do all the setup and development needed to get your business going. We provide the best solutions always made to meet your requirements.

Nexotech Csharp Development

Csharp Development

Csharp is an upgraded version of C++ that uses all concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). In C# we can build all types of applications, From Desktop application, to internet-based application, to mobile and cross-platform applications.

Nexotech Visual Basic Development

Visual Basic Development

Visual Basic (VB) is one of rich and most used programming language platform to build fast, and visual-effects rich applications. VB application can run only in Windows Operating System. However, the User Interface it provides is promising.

Nexotech Front-End Development

Front-End Development

HTML | CSS | JavaScript
Front-End Development is the design aimed to give care for the User Interface of the applications. Front-End gives a more application interaction capability with users. It enhances and scales the application platform.

Nexotech Back-End Development

Back-End Development

SQL | MySQL | Cloud Databases
Back-End Development is the backbone of the applications. It takes care of all the hidden functionalities from the user to serve the best for them. Back-End includes all the work done for managing Data Ins and Outs.

Nexotech Content Management Services

Content Management Services

We provide variety of services and application intended to better organization of your content. Services and applications we provide such as: Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Bulk SMS Messaging, Shipment Tracking System, and more.

Nexotech Automation And Embedded Solutions

Automation And Embedded Solutions

We provide all your needs in automation, and remote-control solutions. With our technologies, you will be empowered by various technologies to give you the full control to access, monitor, and manage all of your needs.

Our Services

We understand the specific needs of your business, and develop optimizated solutions that will bring effective results. Our teams are closely working with business leaders to solve their toughest challenges through creative and Innovative solutions. Our Services and Products are always made to serve your business best.

  • Software Solutions and Development
  • Content Managment Solutions
  • Automation and Embedded Solutions
  • Data Center and Infrastructure Services
  • Technology Consultation and Training
  • Web Hosting and Domain Registeration
  • Bulk SMS messaging services
  • HLR Lookup Services
  • Virtual Number Services

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