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You are at the right place to do all of your business needs. From Ecommerce, to better engagement with customers, to better profit and international scalability. We provide the best solutions always made to meet your requirements.

Nexotech Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal of SEO is to get a web-page high search-engine ranking. The better a web-page's search engine optimization, the higher result listings. SEO makes sure each web-page has appropriate title-tags and meta-tags, and keywords are distributed well to make sure search-engine will feature.

Nexotech Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System

Payroll management makes all of monetization management of your company. Whether for your internal or external customers. Payroll ensures you will get all of your Data well-managed, together with showing the featured analytical tools for you, and payment gateways. Get your full control now!!

Nexotech Employee Management System (EMS)

Employee Management System (EMS)

Employee Management System allows you to have a better analytical employee performance, together with managing the monetization of employees, and ensuring a fair treatment to them. With EMS employee management is easy in-hand with perfect resolution. Get your company best!

Nexotech E-Commerce


Online Survey System (OSS) helps your organization to get the feedback from your customers, together with getting the Data Analytics out of it, and setup your target customers for each of your business schemes.

Nexotech Online Survey System

Online Survey System

The specific needs of your business, develop optimized business solutions based on our experience, and can bring changes that produces results. Our team is closely working with business leaders to solve their toughest challenges through creative and innovative solutions.

Nexotech Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System helps our customer to cover the full integration from sales & marketing, front office activities, food & beverage management, PABX & electronic key lock interfaces, and more.

Nexotech Resturant POS System

Resturant POS System

Restaurant POS system is a solution for restaurant business owners to manage all customer orders, connect front-cashiers with kitchen, and generate analytical revenue reports. Restaurant POS system will ease all of your businesses and get the work done for your restaurant.

Nexotech Vendor Database System

Vendor Database System

Vendor Database System (VDS) is an online application designed for the vendors to register with the company for commercials. This system allows vendors to submit their application (including their core competency), which the purchasing department will have the ability to review. Get your VDS now!!

Nexotech Hotel Shipment Tracking System (STS)

Hotel Shipment Tracking System (STS)

Shipment Tracking System (STS) is a web-based system designed to manage your goods tracking efficiently, which makes it the ideal solution for small, medium and large companies using RFID Technology. STS is a proven product that delivers results.

Nexotech Help Desk System (HDS)

Help Desk System (HDS)

Help Desk System (HDS) is a collection of tools to achieve your customer satisfaction. In HDS, you can set or receive a call to and from customers, mailing system, and message conversation system. Reach your Customers Satisfaction NOW!!

Nexotech GPS Band-Tracking System

GPS Band-Tracking System

The functionality of the portable receiver is very simple. Just push a button on the tactile receiver screen, and a map will appear with the exact position of the person wearing the GPS tracker. GPS-Tracker can be applicable to monitor your shipments or employees.

Our Services

We understand the specific needs of your business, and develop optimizated solutions that will bring effective results. Our teams are closely working with business leaders to solve their toughest challenges through creative and Innovative solutions. Our Services and Products are always made to serve your business best.

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  • Content Managment Solutions
  • Automation and Embedded Solutions
  • Data Center and Infrastructure Services
  • Technology Consultation and Training
  • Web Hosting and Domain Registeration
  • Bulk SMS messaging services
  • HLR Lookup Services
  • Virtual Number Services

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