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Do You Want To Send Single And Bulk SMS Messaging Online?

Nexotech is providing 1s2u.com for customers to send single and bulk SMS messaging online.

At 1s2u.com, you are at the one stop platform to have single and bulk SMS services online.

With SMS open rate of over 94%, you will be sure your announcement or advertisement will be read by the end customer.

Bulk SMS Platform Online

1s2u.com provides a very convenient SMS messaging platform online. Through 1s2u.com platform, you will enjoy the benefits of sending single and group bulk SMS messaging, having a delivery DLR report to see if the SMS messages reached or not, getting your own private virtual number and recieving back messages from customers, obtaining your SMS sending statistics, setting default templates and favorite contacts, and enjoying the celebrity of sending SMS messages anywhere and everywhere.

Try our Bulk SMS messaging platform and get your free 10 Send Bulk SMS messages.

Nexotech Bulk SMS Platform Online
Nexotech HLR Lookup Platform

Check Customers' Networking Status Through HLR Lookup Platform

Home Location Register (HLR) lookup is a query made to the networking coverage of customers to allow the check on the mobile number networking status. Through 1s2u.com HLR lookup platform, customers will enjoy the easiest and simplest HLR lookup in industry.

1s2u.com is distinguished from other platform with its simplicity and richness of tools.


What Can You Do With Bulk SMS Services?

1s2u.com is your one stop site for all your needs in International Quality Bulk SMS Messaging. Whether you want Setting automated auto-responding messages to your customers, Sending bulk SMS messages and getting a communication gateway to all of your customers, Tracking which customer clicked your sent links, Making data analysis of your SMS marketing campaign Buying virtual number and recieving SMS online, Getting your SMS Inbox Online, Knowing the mobile number networking status of your customers and verifying the valid numbers, Getting your SMS messages sent automatically based on data and time-frame, Making your customers know who send SMS messages to them by getting your own Sender ID, having two-steps verification for your services, or getting SMS verification code online to your virtual or private number online, or Getting our ready-made SMS solutions and use it as yours, and integration with your services. All of them can be easily with our products and services. Get your Quote Now!!

  • Autoresponder
  • Mass Text
  • Link Tracking
  • Data Collection
  • 2-Way Communication
  • HLR Lookup
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Sender ID Registeration
  • SMS Verification Services
  • White Label SMS Platform
  • Messages Templates
  • Virtual Number
  • Personalized SMS
  • Mobile Bulk SMS App
  • Global Coverage
Nexotech Bulk SMS Services

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We understand the specific needs of your business, and develop optimizated solutions that will bring effective results. Our teams are closely working with business leaders to solve their toughest challenges through creative and Innovative solutions. Our Services and Products are always made to serve your business best.

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